130 meters of steel towering over Jyväskylä

One of our tallest stacks ever has been erected in Finland. Designed and manufactured in Esbjerg, assembled on site.

In the middle of the beautiful Finnish Lakeland an impressive construction rises high above the landscape. The 130 metre stack was designed and manufactured in seven modules at our Esbjerg factory, then shipped by sea to Western Finland and by special transport to Jyväskylä in Mid Finland. The modules were assembled on site.

The stack has a Ø4200 mm diameter, weighs 270 tonnes and is one of the tallest stacks ever delivered from our factory in Esbjerg.

The outer shell is made of Corten steel and the inner liner of stainless and acidproof steel. The stack was supplied with a spiral staircase, a closed measuring platform and the intelligent Chimney Monitoring System, which monitors the oscillations of the stack 24/7.

Once again we had tested our ability to design, manufacture and deliver solutions of impressive proportions.