15 metres of bespoke steel construction

Another batch of special constructions has left the factory of VL Staal. This time it was four autoclaves of 15 metres a piece.
VL Staal has delivered four autoclaves of 15 metres each.

At VL Staal we love special assignments. We like being challenged and to apply our expertise in new ways.

Recently, we have delivered four autoclaves to a customer in the wood treatment industry. The autoclaves are manufactured in 5 mm stainless steel and measure 2,000 mm times 15,000 mm.

Each autoclave has a processed locking ring in the front for sealing between the tank and the door.

The tanks are equipped with 12 reinforcement rings in order to avoid collapse as they will be exposed to vacuum. The tanks were delivered without surface treatment as the customer’s own specialists completed the autoclaves on their destination.