A 35,5 metre landmark for a German steel plant

In the fall of 2016 VL Staal delivered an impressive 35.5 metre exhaust air stack for a new filtering installation at Stahlwerke Bous GmbH in Saarland, Germany.

The stack had to be mounted at a site with limited accessibility, so we had to produce it in shells and sections to be assembled on-site.

The project was delightfully challenging and demanded all of our competencies. The stack was mounted on the roof of a production building with a rectangular base plate of 6.5 x 6.5 metres leaving space for 6.7 metre silencing panels. At 9 metres’ height the stack narrows to 4800 mm diameter made in two sections each consisting of six shells.

On the outer surface an elegant spiral staircase twists its way upwards to the covered measuring platform. And at the very top the logo of the steel plant is placed.

The installation took two and a half weeks, but it was worth all the work. Now Stahlwerke Bous has an impressive new landmark.