An engaged customer

Norwegian Øystein Sirnes was present on the quay in Denmark and watched his stack being sent off the Norway to be mounted by a sawmill.

A few hours after arriving in Norway the stack was erected.

Bergene Holm AS is one of Norway’s large manufacturers of wooden building materials. When the company needed to find the right supplier of a new stack for the sawmill in Simonstad, they chose VL Staal.

The project manager in charge of construction, Øystein Sirnes from the company Peder Halvorsen AS, was more than usual engaged in the delivery. He was on vacation in Denmark and had his return timed so neatly, so that he could watch the stack depart from the Danish harbour Hirtshals for Norway.

The 38 metre stack left Danish soil on 25 July and as soon as the day after at 14:00 it was fully mounted by the sawmill. A few days later we received an excited email from Øystein Sirnes about the ”good and very professional delivery”.

You’re welcome, Øystein! It is always a pleasure to work with professionals who share our enthusiasm for craftmanship and punctual delivery.