Greeting the midnight sun

One of our stacks has been erected in Tromsø, one of Europe’s most northern cities. It is part of the new power plant currently being constructed.

Way up north i Norway, 350 kilometres beyond the polar circle, we find the city of Tromsø. This is a place where the sun does not set for several weeks during summer – and where it stays away when winter is at its peak.

The 70,000+ citizens of Tromsø need stable heat supply as mush as the rest of us. Maybe more. The Danish contractor firm Weiss is therefore now building a new power plant, to which VL Staal has delivered a steel stack.

The stack was mounted in April and it is now ready to greet the midnight sun, when it takes the centre stage from June. The stack is 60 metres, has a 2,000 mm diameter and a top platform of 4,000 mm with three aviation warning lights. The stack has two inner liners with a 800 mm diameter.