Chimney Monitoring System

Advanced Technology Provides Constant Monitored Security and Peace of Mind

CHIMNEY MONITORING SYSTEM (CMS) is an advanced monitoring system, which records the dynamic oscillations on the chimney 24/7. CMS delivers a technical solution, that is an easy and trouble free survey tool at your fingertips to monitor the real time chimney condition.

Stack Oscillation and Vibration – no Problem
Controlling oscillations effects is an important element in the design of all chimneys. With the CMS it will constantly survey and monitor the oscillation and dynamic loading of the chimney system comparing actual loads against the original design parameters. If in extreme conditions the oscillations become critical an alarm alert is raised and sent out.

The CMS transmits from the top of the chimney, directly to you. You are provided the necessary real time data using remote access to the chimney no matter what time and place via the chimney’s homepage or via an app for your smart- phone or tablet.

Record of all Relevant Information
On the homepage of the chimney you can read and download all the relevant information about your chimney and actual oscillations including documentation, maintenance reports and support links.

The Chimney Monitoring System (CMS) gives you:

  • Measurements of the oscillations of the chimney 24/7
  • Alarm if the oscillations could cause damage to the chimney
  • A quick and easy access to the chimney records and documentation i.e. drawings, calculations, surface treatment plus a record of the CE-marking for the chimney according to EN 1090-1/EN 13084-7 including the necessary compulsory inspections and maintenance documentation
  • A direct hotline to VL Staal’s designers and engineers

EUR 4.950,-

Includes a two years subscription to the Hotline, then for each additional year support: EUR 995,-