The largest steel stack in Northern Europe shoots up

We are currently working on the installation of a 150 metre steel stack at the Amager Heating Plant in Copenhagen. The result will break records.

Back in 2016 the order for a giant steel stack for the Amager Heating Plant was commissioned to us. The stack is part of a larger plant which among other things consists of a fluegas treatment system, delivered by LAB.

The first sections were mounted in October 2017. The diameter of the stack is no less than 6.5 metres, so the sections had to be shipped from Esbjerg port to Copenhagen, where they were hoisted to the place of installation.

The installation of the first four sections has been completed according to the plan. The six last sections will be mounted in May. When the stack is complete it will reach 150 metres into the sky and stand as the biggest steel stack in Northern Europe.