Two new inner liners mounted in 48 hours

When Skærbækværket in Denmark asked us to mount new inner liners in their 120-metre stack, our experts where put to the test.

A section of the inner liner is ready to be lowered into the 120-metre stack at Skærbækværket.

When DONG Energy asked us to fit two new inner liners in a stack at the large Danish power plant Skærbækværket, we knew that it would be a difficult task. However, at VL Staal we always welcome challenges!

The pipe sections were 16 metres each and had to be lifted to the height of 135 metres before being lowered into the 120-metre stack. The job had to be completed in no more than four days in order to keep the major reconstruction of the power plant on track. It would take experienced experts, careful planning, gigantic mobile cranes and good weather conditions.

We put all our competencies into the project. And with two shifts working nearly around the clock, we managed to complete the job in just 48 hours.