Well done, Allan!

On the 7th of July 2014 Allan Nielsen went ill. Our skilled blacksmith suddenly felt ill at home and was immediately taken to the hospital. Here the doctors detected a blood clot in Allan’s brain.

The swift reaction meant that Allan survived. However, he now faced a long period of rehabilitation, while he trained his body to function normally again.

We told Allan that his job was waiting for him, and that he should take all the time he needed. He should not worry about keeping his job, even though at the time nobody knew whether he would be fit for work ever again.

Two months after his illness, Allan returned to VL Staal – initially to work a few hours. It went well and Allan started a process where he slowly increased his work load. In April 2015 he was able to work full time again.

Allan says that he is very happy about the way he was received by foremen and colleagues when he returned.

At VL Staal we are proud and lucky to have a colleague who was able to fight his way back in such an impressive way!